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CM2 group members participated at EMI conference 2023

Sina, Prajwal, and Wenyuan presented their works at EMI 2023

Graduate students Sina Abrari VajariPrajwal Kammardi Arunachala, and Wenyuan Xue presented their works at the Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference 2023 (EMI 2023) held at Georgia Tech. Prajwal's presentation titled "Multiscale phase field formulation for capturing anisotropy in network response of rubber-like materials" was in the minisymposium "Multiscale behavior of damage and failure mechanics". Sina's presentation titled "A thermodynamical phase field fracture modeling of concrete structures" and Wenyuan's talk "A phase field model for anisotropic incompressible materials at finite strains" were presented in the minisymposium "Phase-field models of fracture".

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