CEE 101A - Mechanics of Materials (Winter)
Introduction to beam and column theory. Normal stress and strain in beams under various loading conditions; shear stress and shear flow; deflections of determinate and indeterminate beams; analysis of column buckling; structural loads in design; strength and serviceability criteria; lab experiments. Prerequisites: ENGR 14.
CEE 291 - Solid Mechanics (Autumn)
Vector and tensor algebra; vector and tensor analysis; kinematics, basic physical quantities, global and local balance laws, representative material models of 1D and 3D continua at small strains; thermodynamics of general internal variable formulations of inelasticity; integration algorithms for inelastic 1D and 3D materials; basic solution techniques for boundary value problems in 1D and 3D.
CEE 306 - Computational Fracture Mechanics (Spring, alternating)
Review of solid mechanics at small strains; energy principles of mechanics; introduction to fracture mechanics; constrained problems; advanced finite element concepts like mixed, assumed, and enhanced strain methods; computational fracture strategies like cohesive finite elements, embedded and extended finite element methods, and phase field approaches to fracture. Prerequisite: CEE 281, CEE 291, or equivalent.
CEE 310 - Computational Solid Mechanics (Spring, alternating)
Review of tensor algebra and analysis; kinematics of solids at finite deformation; basic mechanical principles; formulation and algorithmic implementation of finite elasticity, finite viscoelasticity, and finite plasticity; discrete variational formulation and non-linear finite element implementation in a C++ environment. Prerequisite: CEE 281, CEE 291, or equivalent.


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