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MS Student

Jinchen Xie


Xie J, Linder C, Circular cavities and inhomogeneities in anti-plane flexoelectricity. European Journal of Mechanics - A/Solids, 2024, 105251. Google Scholar

Xie J, Linder C, Plane strain problem of flexoelectric cylindrical inhomogeneities. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 2024, Volume 289, 112649. Google Scholar

Xie J, Linder C, 2023, Analysis of Flexoelectric Solids with a Cylindrical Cavity. Journal of Applied Mechanics. 2023. Google Scholar

Xie J, McAvoy R, Linder C, 2023, An analytical model for nanoscale flexoelectric doubly curved shells. Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids. 2023: 0(0). Google Scholar


Y2E2, Room 279