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PhD Candidate

Prajwal Kammardi Arunachala

Group member since 3/2019


Arunachala P K, Abrari Vajari S, Neuner M, Sim J, Zhao R, Linder C, 2024. A multiscale anisotropic polymer network model coupled with phase field fracture. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 2024;e7488. Google Scholar

Wu H-C, Nikzad S, Zhu C, Yan H, Li Y, Niu W, Matthews J.R, Xu J, Matsuhisa N, Arunachala P K, Rastak R, Linder C, Zheng Y-Q, Toney M.F, He M, Bao Z, Highly stretchable polymer semiconductor thin films with multi-modal energy dissipation and high relative stretchability. Nature Communications. Google Scholar

Abrari Vajari S, Neuner M, Arunachala P K, Linder C, 2023. Investigation of driving forces in a phase field approach to mixed mode fracture of concrete. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. 417: 116404. Google Scholar

Arunachala P K, Abrari Vajari S, Neuner M, Linder C, 2023. A multiscale fracture approach based on the non-affine microsphere model for rubber-like materials. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. 410: 115982. Google Scholar

Qiu Y, Arunachala P K, Linder C, 2022. SenseNet: A physics-informed deep learning model for shape sensing. Journal of Engineering Mechanics. 149: 04023002. Google Scholar

Neuner M, Abrari Vajari S, Arunachala P K, Linder C, 2022. A better understanding of the mechanics of borehole breakout utilizing a finite strain gradient-enhanced micropolar continuum model. Computers and Geotechnics. Google Scholar

Abrari Vajari S, Neuner M, Arunachala P K, Ziccarelli A, Deierlein G, Linder C, 2022. A thermodynamically consistent finite strain phase field approach to ductile fracture considering multi-axial stress states. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. Google Scholar

Arunachala P K, Rastak R, Linder C, 2021. Energy based fracture initiation criterion for strain-crystallizing rubber-like materials with pre-existing cracks. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids. 157 (2021) 104617. Google Scholar

Wang W, Wang S, Rastak R, Ochiai Y, Niu S, Jiang Y, Arunachala P K, Zheng Y, Xu J, Matsuhisa N, Yan X, Kwon S-K, Miyakawa M, Zhang Z, Ning R, Foudeh A, Yun Y, Linder C, Tok J, Bao Z,  2021.  Strain-insensitive intrinsically stretchable transistors and circuits. Nature Electronics. 4(2):143–150.  Google Scholar


Computational mechanics
Multi-scale polymer modeling
Strain induced crystallization
Fracture mechanics


Y2E2, Room 279